How to Reinstall the OS on Your KVM VPS Service


In this article, we will explain to you how to attach a different ISO to your KVM VPS in order to install or reinstall the operating system. A reinstall will remove the current operating system and user files on it and will install other OS.


You will need:

  • VPS from LaunchVPS

Step 1 - Select VPS

  • After logging into the LaunchVPS control panel, select the Services link:

KVM Reinstall - Step 1- Select Services

  •  Select the service which requires the OS installation by clicking on the service directly:

KVM Reinstall - Step 2 - Select VPS Service

Step 2 - Stop Server

  • Stop the VPS service by clicking the Stop button. This will allow us to attach a new ISO to the system:

KVM Reinstall - Step 3 - Stop the Service

Step 3  -  Edit Image File

  • Once the VPS shows as powered off, click the pencil next to the CD/DVD Image File drop-down:

KVM Reinstall - Step 4 - Edit ISO

  • Use the drop down to select which OS ISO you would like to attach to the system. Once selected, click the Save button:

KVM Reinstall - Step 5 - Select ISO

Step 4 - Edit Boot Order

  •  Click the pencil next to the Boot Order drop-down selector:

KVM Reinstall - Step 6 - Edit Boot Order

  • Using the drop-downs, select each option so that it matches the image below:

KVM Reinstall - Step 7 - Select Boot Order

Step 5 - Reinstall

  • Next, click the noVNC button (1) to open the noVNC console. From there, click the power icon on the left of the window (2), then click the Start button (3), and finally click the OK button to confirm (4):

KVM Reinstall - Step 8 - Power-On VPS

  • Lastly, await the machine to boot and show your OS's familiar installation screen:

KVM Reinstall - Step 9 - OS Installation

  •  At this point, you only need to follow your OS's instructions for installation. NOTE: After installation, be sure to reset the CD/DVD Disk Image File to None. This will prevent your machine from continuing to boot into the OS ISO if the VPS is rebooted.


You have successfully reinstalled new OS in your KVM VPS Service. As always, please create a ticket if you have any question or run into any problems. Thank you for taking the time to read through this article!

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