phl1-c1-pm007 is Offline (Kəsilmə)
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  • FINAL UPDATE @ 5:12 PM Eastern

    Various attempts at rebuilding the array have failed. At this point, we have no other option but to rebuild the node from scratch, as the data is not recoverable.

    Please email if your VPS is affected, and we will provide solutions for your account.


    UPDATE @ 2:05 PM Eastern

    Attempts at rebuilding the array have failed. Continuing with additional methods.


    UPDATE @ 11:56 AM Eastern

    No meaningful updates yet. Continuing to troubleshoot the ZFS array and bring the system online.


    UPDATE @ 9:37 AM Eastern

    Progress made on RAID card issue. Attempting to rebuild ZFS array and bring node back online.


    UPDATE @ 8:15 AM Eastern

    Appears to be a RAID card issue. Contacting remote datacenter hands to assist with replacement.


    UPDATE @ 6:41 AM Eastern

    Continuing the investigation. Testing boot configurations to try to return the machine online. Attempting to rule out RAID card issue.


    START @ 5:30 AM Eastern

    This node is currently offline with a kernel panic. It appears that a disk has failed. We are investigating and attempting to resolve the issue.

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  • Son yenilənmə - 09/13/2023 17:46