How to Order Free DNS Management Service Print

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Interested in hosting your DNS with us? Excellent!

Please see the instructions below to order and setup your domain:

STEP 1: Login to your account navigate to the Order New Services link.

Step 1 - Order DNS

STEP 2: Open the navigation menu and select Utilities.

Step 2 - Order DNS

STEP 3: Select Order Now for the DNS Management product.

Step 3 - Order DNS

STEP 4: Enter your domain name and extension into the relevant input fields. Click Use.

Step 4 - Order DNS

STEP 5: Click the Check-Out button.

Step 5 - Order DNS

STEP 6: If you agree to the Terms of Service, please check this box and click the Complete Order button.

Step 6 - Order DNS

STEP 7: Once the order is complete, you can click the Continue to Client Area link to begin managing the DNS for your domain.

Step 7 - Order DNS

You are all set! Please check this article for information on how to add and manage records for your domain.

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