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In this article, we will review the steps needed to create a PTR or rDNS record for your VPS service.

This can easily be completed within the LaunchVPS control panel. IPv4 and IPv6 are supported.


You will need:

  • VPS from LaunchVPS

Step 1 - VPS Control Panel

Select the Services icon in the control panel:

rDNS - Step 1
Select the service for which you wish to configure rDNS:

rDNS - Step 2
Click the Manage rDNS button located next to the dedicated IP for the VPS service:

rDNS - Step 3

STEP 2 - Add PTR

Click the Add PTR button:

rDNS - Step 4

Click the Related Item drop-down, then select the service for which you plan to configure rDNS:

rDNS - Step 5

Some fields will now be auto-populated for you. For the RDATA field, enter the hostname that should be configured for rDNS. Example:

rDNS - Step 6

Click the Add button:

rDNS - Step 7
Your PTR record will now be listed and active:

rDNS - Step 8

Step 3 - Testing

Test the PTR record by running the host command followed by the IP address for which you have configured rDNS. The hostname you have configured should be reported. Example:

rDNS - Step 9


You have successfully configured rDNS for your VPS Service.

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